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Precast Concrete Batching Plants

Precast Concrete Batching Plants

Hydromix KS25

Hydromix KS25

Hydromix K9

Hydromix K9

Hydromix K12

Hydromix K12


Utranazz’s range of precast batching plants are the only fully-mobile small production wet batching plants available on the market. Able to produce concrete, screed, mortar, cold asphalt and fibre reinforced concrete at rates of up to 60m3/hour, they come equipped with a load cell weighing system for the cement and each of the aggregates to ensure complete accuracy ± 2%. The result is an extremely accurate homogenous product, which can enable the user to easily achieve quality accreditation.

Utranazz range of precast concrete batching plants are designed to be plug-and-play units and can be up and running within an hour of arrival on-site.

Please see our range of static wet concrete batching plants suitable for larger precast concrete applications.

Technical Information

Utranazz’s range of precast wet concrete batching plants come in 3 different sizes:

KS25 – 4m3 at 25m3/hour

K9 – 9m3 at 60m3/hr 

K12 –12m3 at 60m3/hr

Although mobile, the plants can be operated as static units on site or mounted to a truck, trailer or any other mobile vehicle.

Every plant is fitted with two independent conveyor belts for the two different aggregates, this allows the user to quickly interchange between batching concrete or screed, for example. The final mix is discharged via two continuous augers at the rear of the plant, the last auger slews through 180o and can be inclined at up to 35o to increase the unloading height.

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Video: Pre-cast Concrete Slabs with Kimera Small Batching Plant.

Video: Kimera Small Batching Plant Building a Swimming Pool

Video: Small Kimera DC-SS Producing Screed in Holland

Video: New 2018 Hydromix / Kimera model K9 Mobile Batching Plant

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